Why offshore with Abaca

Our Chandigarh Delivery Center is located just 100 KMs from Shimla Hills (located on the south western ranges of Himalayas) giving it a clean and pollution free environment. Surrounded by several top rated colleges, Chandigarh is the deal place to brew the startup culture and to grow your team of engineers. We are just 10 KMs from Chandigarh International Airport.

It’s not just offshoring with us, It is your expansion to India

With a population of over 1.3 billion, India is a fast-growing market for many products and services. Abaca is a well-recognized Information Technology brand in India with a large domestic customer base. All our partners offshoring with us get the advantage of Abacasys’ wide network of sales and distribution, brand value and experience of selling in India. Once you engage with Abaca, we will systematically guide you on expanding and launching your products or services in India. This is a unique advantage you will get only with Abaca.

Trustworthy and Honest Teams

Our core value is to create Business Excellence for our clients. We believe in 100% transparency and all our processes are followed keeping in mind our client’s interest. While working with us you can be rest assured that everyone at Abaca is working for you with complete honesty. We are the only company that offers real time system monitoring for all your remote teams using customer cloud portal, giving you access to what your team member is working on in real time and historically, removing any chance of over billing.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Don’t worry about the time difference with India. We provide you tools where you can video/screen record your ideas or next tasks during your day time, we listen in to the ideas and tasks and immediately get to work coming back with idea detailing or task completion. Before your next day, you will get the ideation output in the form of a recorded session or a completed task with a video tutorial. Not to replace the actual interactions, our team remains available during your time if you need a real meeting.

Scrum or Waterfall or the way you want it

The best kept secret of your product are the processes you follow and your team culture of development. We have trained teams which can bring in additional value to your development processes. We have experience of projects on Scrum, Waterfall and Hybrid development approaches. We make our expertise available to you and create a guided path for you to decide what best works for you.


Rapid development and deployments are the way of making sure you are continuously developing and exposing your new features to your customers in the fastest way possible. Abaca brings in years of expertise of deploying application using DevOps processes to AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google clouds. Our 24x7 Infrastructure support team is available in real time to order a new deployment to Test, Pre-Production or Production environment when you are ready.

24x7 Support

If you are looking for 24x7 Application Support for your products or services, Abacasys has the expertise of serving over 1000+ customers across the world. The support teams are cherry picked to have the right English proficiency and communication skills and includes hands on training on the product or services to be supported. We can hire and train the exact match support team member for you, be it an Engineer or Non-Engineer.