Steps to Start

With over 13 years of experience in Global Delivery, it is in the DNA of Abaca. With added advantage of world class facilities, location and processes, Abaca has been proven as the right offshoring partner for many companies like yours. Below, we mention a few unique advantages you can expect when you offshore with Abaca.

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When working in a global team setup, IP and confidentiality matters a lot. We share NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), Master Services Agreement and review and accept your specific working terms. The contracts are signed between Abacasys and you and a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) is allocated to you.

We understand your business

Our technical manager, recruitment team and fulfillment manager understands your requirements over a detailed meeting. We understand your office infrastructure needs and also share some options suitable to host your team. We then document an ideal candidate/team Job Description and get it reviewed from you. We also suggest alternate paths to create your team by hiring from nearby colleges and or by choosing a part time resource for shorter work assignments.

It is all about Hiring the best

We start screening candidates through our internal screening and interview process. The candidates have to clear at least 2 technical interviews and 1 HR interview to match your exact need and fitment. During the process we rate the candidate on several aspects like communication skills, technical skills, behavioural fitment, past references and work experience. Once we are sure the candidate is the best fit for your requirement, the candidate profiles/resumes are shared with you along with key capabilities and interview results. We will now plan a one on one discussion between you and the candidate so that you can take the final call to induct the candidate to your team. The candidate SOW (Scope of Work) document is signed.

Resource Induction to Team

With a well-defined process reviewed with you, we start the induction process for your team. Abacasys HR team takes care of regulatory and compliance needs and introduces the team member with your existing team or over a scheduled call with you. From here, the team member works directly with you and Abacasys takes care of hosting the team including providing them world class environment, office infrastructure and HR needs.